Day One


Stay in Kathmandu Boutique Hotel - 1 x night to relax from flight and discover Kathmandu’s lively hub. Ancient temples, craft shops, restaurants, cafes, the Garden of Dreams, there are many delights to enjoy in town. Get your feet on the ground in Kathmandu, the valley of the sacred mandala.

Day Two

Boudhanath Kathmandu

Discover one of the Buddhist hearts of the city, the lovely Boudhanath stupa, the second largest Buddhist stupa in the world, is a charming and enigmatic place to visit. A major pilgrimage site for Buddhists from all over the world, including Tibet and the mountain kingdoms of Sikkim and Bhutan that border Nepal.
The tranquil atmosphere of the stupa pervades its surroundings. Relax on a roof terrace restaurant, visit a Tibetan Buddhist monastery, turn the timeless prayer wheels alongside maroon clad monks and see the splendid Buddhist artwork in thangka and statue shops around the stupa. If there is time we can take in Pashupatinath Temple nearby, the highest Hindu temple in the world, here we can meet the famous sadhu’s.
Clad in saffron and swathed in ashes, these holy men are renunciates, having given up all worldly affairs in their quest for enlightenment.
1 x night in a peaceful hotel with a small garden, near the stupa

Day Three

Travel to Dhulikhel

Travel to Dhulikhel our jeep or minibus (depending on the size of the group), will collect us from the hotel. At 2,000 metres Dhulikhel offers great views of the mighty Himalayas if the weather is clear, we spend one night here, enjoying the views.
Time permitting, in the afternoon we visit the Namoboudha stupa and monastery, a beautifully quiet monastery, ancient stupa, amazing views and wonderful scenery amply reward us for the gentle climb to reach them.
1 x night in a good hotel in Dhulikhel.

Day Four and Five


We start riding our bikes, from Dhulikhel runs a fantastic Japanese highway with hardly any traffic. The undulating road winds through ancient landscapes with glimpses of mountains, tropical jungles, rivers and medieval farming methods, here local people use oxen and wooden ploughs to cultivate the emerald green, ever present rice fields en- route.
We are offering something special in this part of the tour. Because the Japanese highway travels through countryside, largely untouched by tourism, we will be staying in homestays with local people.
Nepal is a tiny country, spanning only 150 kilometres in width it ranges from 26,700 feet at the top of Everest to sea level in the Terai jungles.
Within this small country, occupying only 0.19% of the world’s landmass can be found 11% of the world’s butterflies, 6 % of the world’s birds and 4% of the world’s mammals. 14 different languages are spoken, 4 or 5 calendars and approximately 14 different tribes of people all with their own unique culture.
Staying in a homestay, with a local family is an opportunity understand why the Nepalese are famed for their happiness, hospitality and kindness. This fantastic highway winds on through fabulous scenery so we will spend 2 days and nights exploring here.

Day Six and Seven

Jungle Lodge

We travel on to what must be one of the highlights of our tour, especially for nature lovers. We are staying in a jungle lodge with all comforts catered for. Here a wildlife expert will help us to discover the jungle, with the highest bio diversity in Asia, relax and explore a jungle where tigers, rhinos, elephants and crocodiles abound, not to mention deer, butterflies, peacocks, wild boar and a host of other creatures.
You will be offered your safari experiences on elephant back, this is the best way to see the wildlife as the animals smell the elephant and not us, hence are unafraid.
As dawn breaks, mauve and silver over the jungle, we lay back and relax in an ancient carved canoe on the Rapti river as it rolls and meanders through banks where great birds wade and stalk and silent crocodiles bask, so still they seem unreal. In the evening we visit a cultural show to be entertained by the local Tharu tribes with their colourful, energetic dance, join them on stage in their joyful display.

Day Eight

Drive to Tansen

Drive to Tansen, at a height of 2,500 metres here you will find 360 degree, breathtaking views of the Himalayas.
One of the best rides of the route this picturesque mountain town is where we start a great ride an undulating 80 miles with some long climbs and an exhilarating 8 mile descent. Stay 1 night in charming Tansen.

Day Nine

Travel to Pokhara

We travel on to Pokhara, the gateway to the Himalayas, Pokhara is a lovely large lake, here we stay at a good hotel on the lakeside which offers, Ayurvedic spa treatments and massages to soothe those tired legs and unwind. You can catch a boat taxi across the lake and do some shopping, browse the many lakeside eateries, coffee shops and crafts shops and relax.

Day Ten and Eleven

2 x nights in mountain lodge

We drive up into the mountains to our mountain lodge from where an excellent road threads through superb scenery.
Mountain views from the windows of the lodge, silence as there is no traffic, the star and moonlit Himalayan nights to soothe our nerves and at this height, with no risk of altitude sickness, you often experience an exhilarating joy.
Grassy gardens overlooked by the snow peaked mountains of the Annapurna range and organic food from the gardens.
Cycle, paraglide, pony trek, choose your activities and enjoy the Himalayan backdrop in peace and at leisure.

Day Twelve

Over the hills to Pokhara

Travel back to Kathmandu via Bandipur an ancient unspoilt town with another great view.
Here we stay in a typical Newari style hotel and experience great food and hospitality while seeing Nepal as it used to be, an authentic experience.
1 night in Bandipur

Day Thirteen

Travel back to Kathmandu

Travel back to Kathmandu by road with a stop to swim at a lovely resort providing lunch and a great pool.

Day Fourteen


Kathmandu, time to shop and explore the town once more before being transported to T.I.A International airport for the flight home.