Clothing and Equipment

Clothing and Equipment list for CLASSIC NEPAL CYCLING ROAD trip

You will need the following essential items:

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunhat

  • Water bottle/Camel Pak

  • Torch

  • Shoes suitable for cycling and walking

  • T-shirts

  • Long sleeve shirt or light pullover

  • Jacket

  • Padded cycling shorts

  • Cycling gloves

Other recommended equipment or clothing:

From October to December the nights can be cold so it is best to bring warm layers with you. You will need a warm set of clothes for the evening including a warm 2/3 season jacket and long trousers and warm socks. A long pair of cycling leggings and good windproof is useful for the winter months and a pair of gloves with fingers as the long downhill stretches can be very cold.

In spring (April and May) it will be extremely hot especially in the lowlands so lots of thin easily washable clothes are required. A warm fleece should be adequate in spring for evenings.

If you are hiring a bike, we suggest you bring: mini-pump, tyre levers, small universal bike tool. Having these to hand will aid speedy roadside repairs for simple issues such as punctures or saddle adjustment, when the leader or support vehicle is not close by and Helmet and Saddle for your own comfort.

Please note luggage not required for the trip can be left at the hotel in Kathmandu free of charge at your own risk.